Fernando Salvatore Lima

Piazza Roma, 8, Cremona, CR, Italia

+39 389 1127322


Fernando Salvatore Lima

Violins, violas, cellos

Fernando Salvatore Lima was born in Santa Maria da Feira, in Portugal. He demonstrated his special talent for music and art at an early age and his manual ability was apparent from when he was a youth.

He made his first instrument when he was only 16 years old and since then he has always sought to develop his knowledge of the craft, both in terms of new instrument making and restoration.

In order to learn the most sophisticated restoration techniques, he has frequented various restoration ateliers over the years and has dedicated himself to restoring prestigious instruments.

He has travelled to Italy, Germany and England to further his knowledge of this precious and historic art. His commitment has allowed him to understand the essence of the art of violinmaking of the great Italian masters, and in particular the Cremonese.

His passion for quality violinmaking eventually led him to Cremona, where he received a diploma as a Master Violinmaker from “Antonio Stradivari School”. He has opened his own workshop in Piazza Roma 8, where he currently works.

His perseverance to achieve a sound similar to that of the works of Guarneri del Gesù has enabled him to make excellent sounding instruments, which are greatly appreciated by accomplished musicians throughout the world.

Today he produces instrument copies of Stradivari and Guarneri del Gesù, and he follows the working methods in the tradition of the great Cremonese masters.

He works with passion and dedication in order to make the highest quality instruments with the finest sound and exquisite beauty.