Gerardo Luigi Mereu

Via Giovanni Maria Platina, 33, Cremona, CR, Italia

+39 333 2244514

Gerardo Luigi Mereu

Repair and restoration (instrument and bow)
Fine tuning of the quartet

Born in Naples on December 6, 1984 he moves with his family near Piacenza the following year.

At the age of 13, thanks to the geographic proximity and driven by the passion he always felt towards music and wood, he chooses to begin his journey in the violin-making world.

Under the guidance of Master Ezio Scarpini for the first two years, he learns the fundamental techniques of sharpening and conservation of violin-making equipment, learning also how to build tools and models, essential in order to create and restore musical instruments.

He completes the remaining three years with Master Massimo Ardoli, with whom he builds and varnishes two violins.

During his 4th and 5th years he attends some extra violin-making training courses, provided by the regional authority.

After obtaining his diploma, he is assigned to Master Giorgio Grisales’ workshop in order to accomplish his internship, under whose care he succeeds in completing a violoncello, therefore obtaining also the 2nd level diploma and the title of Violin Maker.

During the next five years he stays under the guidance of Master Grisales, building the entire quartet.

Afterwards he receives a proposal that allows him to follow his ambition in becoming a restorer, and thanks to that he performs as a restorer for three years at the Jeckling in Zurich (CH), under the lead of Master Andrea Bozzini.

When he returns to Cremona, he carries on following his path, specializing in restoration and construction, establishing himself more and more in the musicians’ world, especially with regard to sound adjustement of instruments, giving main importance to the acoustics and comfort personalized for everyone.

Currently his production can claim the entire construction of the quartet, and the restoration of the same.

He also offers bow rehairs services and reparation of the bow.