Coppiardi Marco

Corso Mazzini, 51 - Cremona - 26100 - Italia
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Marco graduated from the Stradivari IPALL violin making school in Cremona in 1985, at this time Francesco Bissolotti and Gio Batta Morassi were the two prominent maestros at the school and in the city of Cremona. Todays Emperor of Japan who visited Cremona, plays on a viola that Marco made specifically for him, during this time. In 1992 Marco moved to Boston, Massachusetts, where he worked for some of the finest musicians and on their famous instruments for the following 26 years.  He worked for Johnson String Instruments, and after four years opened his own studio. Other then school in Cremona, Marco learned the craft from, several colleagues and friends, among which, Riccardo Bergonzi, Vincenzo and Francesco Bissolotti, René Morel, Vahakn Nigogosian, Horacio Piñeiro, and at the great Oberlin Seminars.

“ In Cremona I learned how to make new instruments, in Boston I fell in love with vintage ones. I learned why the Stradivari and Guarneri have remained so special and what they mean to their owners. Authenticity is priceless. Each instrument should be unique, stand on its own. Crafting an object that is meaningful beyond its use to the player, is a wonderful quest - this is why I do it. Because it is a challenge, and because everyone told me it was impossible. Fortunately, there are other makers around the world that are moved by the same passion, and it is rewarding being part of this group. Violins last forever, and the time that they require in making is worth to me.”

Marco Coppiardi has worked for musicians such as Roman Totenberg, Nicolas Kitchen and Yo-Yo Ma. His instruments are owned by collectors, and performers alike. After working for 26 years in Boston, Marco has returned to his hometown, Cremona, Italy.