Sacco Pablo

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Construction of violins, violas and cello.

Pablo started at very early age constructing instruments as self-taught luthier in his hometown, near Buenos aires, Argentina.

Not happy with the success working with locals top rock stars, he went to Cremona to approach the art of violinmaking.

At “International Violinmaking School” his first maestro was Maurizio Tadioli. He graduated in 1999 under maestro Giorgio Cè guidance. Soon after he began working as full time luthier for maestro Giorgio Grisales.

In 2004 he opened a workshop 9 km far from Cremona, but often he was abroad to work in restorations and set up.

Pablo currently resides and works at Sesto Cremonese, Italy from 2017.

His production of violins, violas and cellos are requested by musicians of high level all around the world. He prefers classical cremonese makers to inspire the development of his new models. He has experienced various types of oil and spirit varnish.