Carlson Bruce

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Evaluations, Restoration and repair, Violins, violas, cellos

Bruce Carlson and Bernard Neumann have been working together since 1986 and both are graduates of the International Violinmaking School of Cremona.

Bruce Carlson began his studies at Cremona where he received his diploma in 1979. He also perfected his skills as a restorer with Hans Weisshaar in Los Angeles – a former collaborator with the great restorer Simone Fernando Sacconi while in New York City at the shop of Emil Herrmann, at that time the most renowned violin shop in the United States. Early on in his activity, because of his experience in restoration, he was entrusted with the repair and maintenance of the Stradivari Museum collection and of the City Collection of Classic Cremonese Instruments.

Bernard Neumann originally came into the Carlson workshop in 1986 on a grant from his homeland Canada and, in the end, stayed on as an employee. Bernard honed his skills and in time became a vital part of the workshop.

In the year 2000 Bruce Carlson was nominated by the City of Genoa as curator-violinmaker to the small but prestigious collection of musical instruments that includes the violin by Joseph Guarnerius ‘del Gesù’ “the Cannon” of 1743 that once was the musical companion of the great Genovese violinist and composer Nicolo Paganini.

Our company continues to offer the musician a complete line of services; sound adjustment, restoration, repair, construction of new instruments, bow rehairs, insurance appraisals, valuations, opinions and certificates of authenticity.