Grisales Jorge Humberto

Via Sicardo, 2a - Cremona - 26100 - Italia
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Violins, violas, cellos, Double basses, Restoration and repair, Evaluations, Baroque instruments, Apprentice instruments, Violinmaking accessories

Giorgio Grisales was born in Colombia in 1963, he moved to Cremona in 1982 where he began his career in the art of violinmaking.

In 1988 he graduated from the “International School of Violinmaking” and subsequently acquired his diploma in bow-making having attended a course organized by the Regione Lombardia.

His professional training was completed when he graduated from the “Civic School of Violinmaking” in Milan for musical instrument restoration.

Today Jorge’s instruments are well-known and appreciated by musicians worldwide, including USA, Japan, Europe, and many Eastern countries. Grisales’ instruments are highly regarded as some of the best examples in modern violinmaking today. He draws his inspiration from having undertaken profound and detailed studies into the instruments of the great Italian masters such as Ferdinando Garimberti and Giuseppe Ornati.

He lives and works in Cremona.