Pablo Farias’ violin

For the construction of this instrument, the author was inspired by the shape of the violin “Alard” 1742 by Giuseppe Guarneri called “Del Gesù”, kept at the Cité de la Musique in Paris, characterizing effe and head for a more personal style. The wood of the top comes from the mountains of the Val di Fiemme in northen Italy and has a grain of medium width but very regular. The maple used for the back comes from the Balkans and it’s a single piece with a medium marbling, regular but very deep that rises slightly from left to right. The ribs are made from the wood used for the back and the scroll from a similar material.

Body length: 353 mm.
Width upper bouts: 168 mm.
Width “C” bouts: 114.
Width lower bouts: 208 mm.

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