Stefano Conia’s violin

For the realization of this instrument Master Conia wanted to respect the original Stradivari model, customizing some parts: the camber, the “ff” and the thickness, thanks to the great experience of 50 years of work.  The wood used is red spruce, inherited from his father more than 30 years ago, part of his personal collection. The top is in two pieces of well seasoned spruce with a medium, regular grain. The back is one piece with a deep, regular flame. The ribs are in the same wood of the back. The scroll has a downward flame. The varnish is red-brown, warm, soft, and a little faded. The edges are lighter.

Body length: 355 mm.
Width upper bouts: 164 mm.
Width “C” bouts: 116.
Width lower bouts: 206 mm.

Conia is particularly attached to the “Stradivari 1715” model because it was the first model he made in the early years of his life as a luthier.

Stefano Conia’s bio

Violino Conia Testa Violino Conia Testa Violino Conia Testa Violino Conia Testa


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