Consorzio Liutai @ ESTA 2019


The members of the Consortium of Violin Makers invite you during the International ESTA Conference 2019.

The Consortium of Violinmakers will be present with several proposals.

In Sala Alabardieri, Cremona Town Hall, with an info point.

In the showroom, Piazza Stradivari 1, with the following opening schedule:
– Friday 26th, 9.30- 18.30 *

– Saturday 27th, 9.30 13

– Monday 29th, 11.30 15 **

– Tuesday 30th, 9.30 13, 15 18.30

An exhibition of fine Cremonese instruments, bearing the “Cremona Liuteria” trademark will be waiting for you.

Two workshops will take place in the showroom of the Consortium of Violinmakers:

Instrument Care-Maintenance tips for better playability;
speakers: Masters Edgar Russ and Bernard Neumann,
11:30-14:00 Consorzio Liutai, Piazza Stradivari 1.

Lady Luthiers Meet female violinmakers;
speakers: Masters Bndicte Friedmann, Mina Mazzolari, Marianne Jost and Svetlina Andreeva.A little surprise at the end of the talks.
Lunchtime, 13:30-14:15 Consorzio Liutai, Piazza Stradivari 1.

Hope to meet you All!


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