Exhibition of instruments of the Consortium of Violinmakers at The Potter Violin Company


The Potter Violin Company, in conjunction with the Washington Conservatory, is proud to announce an exclusive East Coast showing of violins, violas, and cellos from the Consortium of Violinmakers “Antonio Stradivari” Cremona.

This collection of instruments by modern Cremonese makers will be available for examination and purchase from August 23 through September 13, 2015. This is an opportunity to experience the highest standards in modern stringed instrument craftsmanship representing 500 years of tradition.

The Consorzio Liutai Antonio Stradivari Cremona was founded in 1996 for the purpose of promoting and making known contemporary Cremonese violin makers. These artisans uphold an ancient tradition established by the great masters of the past such as Stradivari, Amati and Guarneri. Only instruments marked with the official stamp of the Cremonia Consortium are guaranteed to be handmade by a Cremonese professional master instrument maker.

Please visit www.pottersviolins.com/cremona-consortium for complete details.


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